Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mixed Computer Relationship

How To Survive a Mixed Computer Relationship.

"It is not good that man should be alone..." unless he happens to use a PC, then he's screwed. One of the more fascinating posts I've read recently, one young lady discusses, in-depth mind you, the perils of being in a mixed computer relationship. See, this girl is a bigger Mac zealot than many of you accuse us of being ("I once hooked up with a boy because he... had a Mac-inspired tattoo"), going so far as to say that dating outside of one's OS is tantamount to dating outside of one's value system. I'm speechless. Anyone here relate to this? I mean, we already know that a near-supermajority of Americans would rather screw around with their gadgets than with their spouse, but shunning off a relationship because your would-be pal is unfamiliar with the majesty of the Dock or the subtle complexities of the Control Panel? That's pretty terrible.

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